Texas Wild


Texas Wild is wildlife program airing on PBS in more than 250,000 homes through the state. Texas Wild produces films and media to educate viewers on wildlife biology, ecology and conservation while working to instill an appreciation of science and improve science literacy. As part of West Texas A&M University, Texas Wild distributes films and other media at no cost through television (PBS) and social media. You can check out Texas Wild on these PBS stations (KACV Panhandle PBS, KEDT Corpus Christi and KAMU College Station), The Nature Conservancy (Instagram), Texas Parks and Wildlife (Facebook), Red Stegall, The Daytripper and more.



The educational initiative was formed in 2010 as a creative collaboration between myself and West Texas A&M professor, Dr. Raymond S. Matlack. Texas Wild chronicles two wildlife biologist as they live full time on the road, traveling to document wildlife for the purpose of furthering conservation through entertaining and educational means. Texas Wild started as a grassroots movement and gained momentum through my moderation of social media accounts and through backing by supporters.  Such strides expanded the initiative into the public sphere. As co-creator, host, assistant director, videographer and social media creator/moderator, my role in Texas Wild pertained to filming, fundraising, script writing, editing, research, location scouting, media events and more.     


Currently, there are sixteen segments airing on PBS stations, to view the remaining segments please visit the PBS link below.


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