It’s Bat Week!

Today kicks off what is arguably the best week of the year, bat week. This week’s mission is to foster knowledge of bats and the ways in which they enrich the natural world around us. Much time has been dedicated to research and filming of bats. This dedication, of course is second nature for anyone who loves bats just as much.

Bat week couldn’t have come at a better time. Halloween, my favorite holiday,  is coming up at the end of the week. That means Halloween night will be spent blowing up social media about animals that form the basis for many illogical fears. Bats will be among those featured. Each post will give insight into the benefits of these feared creatures and hopefully change opinions about these animals.

Starting at sundown on Halloween night be on the look out for spiders, insects, owls, bats and more as myths are dispelled and the spotlight is shown on these misunderstood but amazing animals.

Until Halloween night, head on over to Bat Conservation International to grab some bat tattoos for the kids and of course some bat brew for the adults.
It’s bat week, do your part!