A scorpion’s sting

Most people are terrified of scorpions. This fear can be from the possibility of finding one in your sleeping bag, sheets or boots. Despite all the fear, scorpions aren’t waiting for such opportunities, lurking in the corner for the chance to crawl into your boot or bag. I have spent a considerable amount of time sleeping on the ground in vast grasslands and in buildings dominated by scorpions. Only once have I been stung. Contrary to belief, the sting wasn’t as painful as many would have you believe and it lasted only a short period of time. No more painful than a wasp sting. I received my sting from a bark scorpion. In fact, there is only an estimated 25 species of scorpions who’s venom is lethal to humans.

Now isn’t that less than scary?


Tip: Wanna make sure your space is scorpion free? Grab a UV flash light and glance it around to see if anything florescent catches your eye. Due to a pigment in their exoskeletons, scorpions "glow" under UV light. Have a jar and tweezers ready to scoop the arachnid into the container and release outside of your domain.


Bark scorpion made its way up my boots and into my shirt

Bark scorpion made its way up my boots and into my shirt