A historic hotel in the Texas hill country

On the road: filming Texas Wild

One thing is for sure, Ray and I get more than our fair share of traveling. We have traversed the Great Plains, camped along the coast from Texas to Key West and we are exploring every inch of what this great state has to offer. One of the best things about traveling is the quaint Texas towns we find and the hidden gems of restaurants these towns posses. One such favorite town of ours isRocksprings, Tx.  To many, Rocksprings may look like a one horse town but a stay in the Historic Rocksprings Hotel and a home cooked Mexican breakfast will change anyone’s perception. The hotel is rustic with original hardwood floors that span throughout all the rooms in the hotel. The hotel has a “me casa es su casa” feel. One that allows guests to merrily make their way down to the kitchen to grab a midnight snack. There are several large siting room filled with antique furniture, each table displaying books on art, Native American culture and the area’s natural history.  There is a porch that wraps around the hotel with rocking chairs to sit on at night after a bath in a claw foot bathtub. One if the best things about this hotel apart fromthe owners hospitality, is the old lady who stands beside the staircase in the lobby. A second glance will reveal that the lady by the staircase is a wax figure but only after you have greeted her with a smile or a late night “hello. ”

In the mornings, we always make it our mission to eat “Nora’s Special,” a home cooked Mexican breakfast just down the street. Nora’s Special is a personalized plate named after Nora herself, a long time customer who we meet in the restaurant.  The plate isn’t listed on the menu so do what Nora told us to do “just tell ’em you want Nora’s special.”

Homemade flour tortillas, salsa, beans with scrambled eggs and coffee to boot makes this place a must eat for us whenever we find ourselves in the Texas Hill Country. We have tried and tried again to shoot a photo that captures the taste and aroma of Nora’s Special but we can’t restrain ourselves when our food arrives at the table. All of the photos we have are of half eaten plates we snapped while our coffee was being refilled.

-Jessie Story