The hat that’s seen it all


As wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife biologists, Ray and I each have put in our far share of time in the outdoors, sleeping on the ground, eating off of tailgates, trekking through blizzards, extreme heat, tropical storms and now as two gypsy wildlife filmmakers living in an RV traveling throughout Texas. This nomadic lifestyle demands a more downsized life. As a wanderer with limited space you choose a handful of items to keep with you at all times. When it comes to fieldgear, camera equipment or clothing, you will be surprised at how valuable a material item can become to you in the outdoors. A Patagonia hat I picked up in Florida a few years back on a scouting trip to Key West has become a valued item of mine. My hat has been stained by the ink of an octopus, traveled six states, lost in Lake Jessup, worn during my attempted wrangling of a 2.5 ft nurse shark and has been envenomated by a broad-banded copperhead! Last but not least, the hat gives the best advice you could receive. 

-Jessie Story

Photo by Jessie Story 2016