Dan Klepper Scholarship goes to…

Just after returning home from my Rhectorical criticism lecture I recieved some very, very exciting news. What was planned to be a quite night occupied with a cheese tray, Tom Petty radio and preparation for an upcoming test turned into an all out surprise when I received a phone call informing me that I was the recipient of the Dan Klepper Memorial Scholarship!!

For those of you who may not know, here’s a little background on the scholarship.

The Dan Klepper Memorial Scholarship from the Texas Outdoor Writer’s Association is for students who use media of all forms to promote appreciation, conservation and awareness of wildlife to the public.  Applicants were evaluated on their works related to the field of communication, their college transcripts, published works, letters of reference, career goals and more.  If you’ve seen any of our videos, you have seen some of my work. I do all our final edits of video, audio, power our social media presence, photograph, film, host and more.

Not only will I be attending the conference this month but I have been asked to present samples of my work. Words cannot be found to relay my joy, shock and gratitude for being selected as the finalist. Such an opportunity is invaluable! I look forward to what will unfold in the following weeks and will keep you posted!
– Jessie Story