The term Zugunruhe (zoo-gun-roo-heh) describes the migratory unrest experienced by wildlife.

The inception of Zugunruhe occurred many years ago when I had first begun carving out a career as a wildlife videographer.  The concept of Zugunruhe was created through my early experiences and challenges learning the craft. While attending college, I filmed wildlife on a two-persons team under the name Texas Wild

Under my supervision as a videographer, content editor, grant writer, social media specialist and more, the grassroots effort Texas Wild enjoyed wide success; airing in more than 250K homes. Despite this, I challenged myself to expand the breadth of my work to go beyond strictly educational videos and into the documentary realm of wildlife and the outdoor lifestyle.  After I recieved my Masters, I established Zugunruhe Films LLC and began working as a freelancer. Recent projects include Yellowstone of Texas and Lions of West Texas.